Leadership Development

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, NCEA's Leadership Development team provides spiritual and professional development opportunities, networks of support, and resources to leaders of Catholic schools in arch/diocesan offices of Catholic school education, Catholic school systems, parishes, and the administrators who serve in Catholic schools.    

  • Pray and Practice with Purpose

    This book equips athletes, coaches and teams with the resources to achieve success in spiritual formation. Through prayer and practice with purpose, sports and spirituality can become a valuable component of a team's culture and routine.

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  • Sample End of Year Board Report

    Faculty meetings – for better or worse – are universal features of the professional culture of schools. While research on faculty meetings is limited, existing literature suggests that meetings could be an arena where schools can address their common challenges.

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Featured Resource

Running A Smooth Financial Operation in the Catholic School

Get the tools necessary to manage the financial resources of your elementary or high school. This book provides benchmarks, best practices, facts and figures and many other resources to start a conversation at the administrative, committee and board levels.

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Upcoming Events

NCEA 2017 Convention & Expo

The NCEA Convention & Expo is the largest private-education association gathering in the nation. Those participating represent all aspects of Catholic school and faith-based education. The Convention is a time to celebrate, to acquire new knowledge, and to renew your spirit. St. Louis is just the place for that to happen to you! Register now!

2017 NCEA Institute for Catholic School Leaders

The 2017 NCEA Institute for Catholic School Leaders is the foremost annual gathering dedicated to serving current elementary and secondary principals, presidents, pastors and school board leadership in Catholic schools. CSL 2017 is an excellent opportunity for professional development in the preparation of the next generation of leaders in these positions desiring to serve in Catholic schools.


Adopting Standards Based Grading in your School or Diocese

Monday, May 1, 2017
1:00 or 4:00 pm EDT

Teachers who have been using traditional grading for years find it difficult to switch to standards-based grading. Often using a hybrid approach of traditional and standards based grading for a few years can ease transition towards pure standards-based grading. We will discuss challenges and strategies that schools/dioceses have successfully implemented that you can adopt for your school/diocese. This session will cover:

  • Why standards-based grading?
  • How to do standards-based grading
  • Challenges in adopting standards-based grading
  • Various hybrid transition approaches
  • Integrating standards into lesson plan, assessments and progress monitoring
  • How assessment information be shared in Progress Reports to Parents on a regular basis
  • Standards-based Report Card and permanent record

Top 10 Blended Learning Practices

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
4:00 or 7:00 pm EDT

In this webinar, you will learn 10 practical ideas you can immediately apply to successfully implement a blended learning model in your school. Get answers to questions such as, “Do classroom teachers have to be tech savvy to implement blended learning?,” “Our classroom teachers are digital natives. What more do they need to know?,” and “Is using a little bit of print and a little bit of digital really blended learning?” Find out more about using eBooks, online assessments, and interactive editions as tools for implementing a blended learning model in your K–12 ELA and Math.

Creating a Year of Professional Enrichment: Mentoring Emerging Leaders

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
4:00 or 7:00 pm EDT

School Leaders are called to an enormous task that requires multiple skill sets. Ongoing support and coaching can make the difference between an successful year and a stressful year. This webinar will explore the basics in creating a thoughtful year of professional enrichment for emerging leaders in your school or diocese. Participants will recognize the importance and value of confident and qualified leaders and understand the need for ongoing mentoring an coaching for long term success. Join NCEA Director of Executive Mentoring and Coaching / Senior Consultant, Heather Gossart, to get ideas and inspiration for mentoring the emerging leaders in your school or diocese.

Additional Resources

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Building Relationships 101

Quality, innovation, profitability, and growth all depend on having strategy and execution fit together seamlessly. If they don’t fit — if you can’t deliberately align them in a coherent way — you risk operating at cross-purposes and losing your focus. Learn More

April Public Policy Update

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Meet the Leadership Team

Tips for Leading Retreats
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