NCEA 2018 Hotel and Travel Information

Hotel booking is now available by clicking on the button below. Information about the headquarters hotel, the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, and the other official NCEA 2018 hotels is accessible through the "Hotel Details" button. In addition, the hotel map shows the location of each official hotel.

Hotel Information 

*Hotel list, shuttle details and availability subject to change.  Check back as the Convention draws nearer for further updates.*

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If you have questions or need assistance with making your hotel reservations, please call Connections Housing at 855-476-6976. 

Housing information is provided solely for the use of attendees and exhibitors to search for official NCEA 2018 hotels. Use of this information for solicitation purposes of any kind, by anyone other than a registered attendee or exhibitor, is strictly prohibited.

Important Note

The Official Housing Vendor for NCEA 2018 is Connections Housing. Through their website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any time and receive updated information about the event. The hotels within the official block offer the best rate and service to our attendees. If you choose to book outside of the block, NCEA cannot guarantee the quality of service that the official hotels can provide.

 It has come to our attention that housing poachers have been contacting NCEA exhibitors and attendees and identifying themselves as being affiliated with NCEA. NCEA has NO affiliation with these organizations and in no way endorses their services.  Please do your part by booking inside the block!

If you are contacted by anyone other than Connections Housing, please get as much information as you can (name of company, person calling, telephone number, etc.), and notify the NCEA Director of Events, Amy Durkin.

Transportation Information

Closest Airport Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport 
 Time from airport (CVG) to Convention Center   25 minutes
 Taxi (typical one way charge to Convention Center)  $40
NCEA 2018 Hotel Map
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NCEA 2018 Amenity Chart
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