Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is the time commitment for the Advisory Councils?
Advisory Councils will meet four times a year with one of those meetings taking place at the annual NCEA Convention & Expo. The other three meetings will be conducted virtually through conference calls, video conferencing, and other means. Consideration will be given to an additional annual on-site meeting should the need arise. NCEA will offer comped conference registration to Advisory Council members for the NCEA Convention & Expo.

2.  What will be the focus of the Advisory Council work?
Each Advisory Council will establish priorities based on the focus areas noted below.

  • Educational Resources – Assist in the direction of content creation and obtain educational resources for members to be made available on the NCEA Online Resource Library.
  • Specialty Areas of Focus – Recommend future Council Committee areas of focus based on needs expressed by members and assist in identifying candidates to serve on those committees. A minimum of one Advisory Council member will serve on each Council Committee.
  • Ambassadors for NCEA – Reach out to and make connections with NCEA members and non-members to solicit ideas and feedback for future planning. Identify speakers for events being held under the auspices of NCEA.
  • Regional Engagement – Advisory Councils will be regionally represented. Council members may serve as facilitators and/or provide support for future regional meetings.

3.  Who will be considered for the Advisory Councils?
Prospective Advisory Council members may include – but are not limited to – teachers, principals, presidents, pastors, governing body members, diocesan leaders, friends/donors to Catholic school education, higher education members, partners, consultants and others committed to the future of Catholic school education.

4.  Are international candidates eligible?
Yes, any interested party not living in the United States is encouraged to apply.
5.  How many years will Advisory Council members serve?  
Representatives will serve a three-year, non-renewable term.
6.  Can I self-nominate or nominate other appropriate people to serve? 
The program is designed for candidates to self-nominate. There is not a formal nomination process; however, members are encouraged to share this application with those they believe would be good candidates for service on the Advisory Councils.

7.  What are the beginning and ending dates for the application process?
The Call for Applications is open as of November 20, 2018. The deadline for submission of your application is Thursday, January 10, 2019.
8.  When will selected Advisory Council members be notified?
Those who are invited to join this year will be notified by early March 2019.
9. I am not able to complete the Advisory Council application. Whom should I contact for technical difficulties?
Should you have any technical difficulties or have any questions about the application process, please contact us via email.

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