About the NCEA Advisory Councils

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) serves our members to fulfill the mission to lead, learn and proclaim the good news of Catholic school education. NCEA is pleased to work with the Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Advisory Councils that will serve as a representative voice of NCEA members and to help guide NCEA in our programs and services.
NCEA depends on experts in the field of Catholic school education who serve through a variety of capacities. With that in mind, prospective Advisory Council members may include – but are not limited to – teachers, principals, presidents, pastors, governing body members, diocesan leaders, friends/donors to Catholic school education, higher education members, partners, consultants and others committed to the future of Catholic school education. 

Call for Candidacy 

 NCEA is pleased to announce a Call for Candidacy for the Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Advisory Councils. If you believe you have time and talent to serve on an Advisory Council, or know of someone who would be a valuable addition, please take the time to submit an application.  Please note that it is critical to have all the required documents as noted in the application instructions prior to beginning the application process. This year's application window will be announced soon and all candidacy applications must be received electronically. Those who are invited to join this year will be notified by late January, 2019.

For more questions about the Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Advisory Councils, learn more HERE.


Council Areas of Expertise 

The NCEA Lead. Learn. Proclaim Advisory Council candidates work closely with council committees with specialty in the following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Catholic Faith Integration
  • Catholic School Marketing & Branding
  • Catholic Schools Week & Year-Round Admissions & Marketing
  • Early Childhood
  • Educational Technology
  • Exceptional Learners
  • Governance Models
  • Hispanic/Latino Outreach
  • Leadership Development
  • Missionary Discipleship
  • NCEA Member Relations
  • Operational Vitality
  • Youth Sports

NCEA 2019 Registration Open

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