NCEA Seton Awards & Philanthropy Symposium

The NCEA Seton Award is named after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in recognition of her lifelong dedication to teaching. This award is presented annually to exemplary individuals whose support and service impacts Catholic education and the well-being of our nation’s youth. Seton honorees have a scholarship presented in their honor to a deserving Catholic school student in the local community. NCEA hosts a symposium during the day of the Seton Gala that focuses on sharing best practice and discussions about philanthropy programs for Catholic schools.

Philanthropy Symposium

The Elizabeth Ann Seton Awards includes the annual Elizabeth Ann Seton Philanthropy Symposium. The symposium is an effective forum for past and present awardees, preeminent Catholic education philanthropists, to share best practices and ideas with development and advancement leaders from local schools and diocesan offices. It is an opportunity to discuss strategies and efforts to support Catholic education and to help expound ways to ensure future vitality for Catholic schools.

The report, The Future of Catholic Schools in the United States: Advancing the Vision, Minding the Mission , was compiled by NCEA and Changing Our World. It is a compendium of information meant to help schools and dioceses look closely at their needs and match them to what is working across the country and to visualize how some of these programs and ideas can be adapted to fit Catholic schools wherever they are.

Past Seton Honorees

Seton honorees are recognized at the NCEA Seton Awards Gala, which raises funds to sustain NCEA’s research, leadership development, and advocacy programs that support Catholic school educators and students.

Past Seton Honorees 1991-2019

Seton Scholars

NCEA Seton Award honorees are able to select a deserving Catholic school student, in their local community, to be presented with a scholarship in their honor. Today, NCEA Seton Scholars represent more than 2 million students attending Catholic elementary and secondary schools nationwide. The scholarships they receive are named in recognition of the Seton honorees.

Past Seton Scholars 1991-2019  


2019 Seton Honoree Videos