NCEA Offers Prayers and Resources for Catholic School Leaders

Delta Variant Press Statement (PDF Version)

Leesburg, VA – In  the face of increasing rates of COVID-19, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) stands ready to help its member schools with guidance and resources as they prepare to begin the new school year.

Catholic schools led the country in returning to in-person instruction last school year, showing that schools can do so without compromising health and safety. The rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has led public health officials to review their strategies, and each diocese once again faces changes in protocols based on local guidelines and circumstances. With the benefit of all we have learned since the start of the pandemic and in alignment with Church teaching, NCEA offers resources about COVID-19 and the Delta variant and vaccinations; please see the links below.

All Catholic schools are eligible to participate in many of the federal programs created under the CARES and EANS pandemic relief legislation. Schools should avail themselves of the opportunity to obtain personal protective equipment and other health and safety benefits such as portable air filters and other options to provide a safe and healthy environment for school communities. Details about these programs may be  found on the NCEA website.

The NCEA Board of Directors, NCEA President Lincoln Snyder and the entire NCEA staff pray for the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit as our Catholic schools prepare to serve their students in the coming year.

Here are links to relevant resources:

CDC information on vaccines

CDC key things to know

CDC information on vaccines for children

World Health Organization information on COVID-19 and Delta variant

US Department of Education “Return to School Roadmap” to Support Students, Schools, Educators, and Communities in Preparing for the 2021-2022 School Year

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