NCEA is pleased to offer Lenten resources that enable Catholic educators to guide their students during this season of prayer and penance. Filled with research-based strategies, publications, website and technological tools, these resources will provide insight and best practices for Lent.

Lenten Resources

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Catholic Recipe: Easter Story Cookies
As a family, consider making Easter cookies together and help your children learn more about the passion of Christ at the same time. Sounds a little counter intuitive, but this is one way the family who bakes together can also learn and pray together. And it has a sweet ending, to boot.

Holy Week in the Home During Quarantine
Easter, like most holidays and holy days, has its own traditions for every family. This year with life in upheaval, there might be questions about what this holiest of holy days will look like. Here are a few questions and suggestions to help families celebrate Easter while quarantined.

40 Lenten Activities for Catholic Families
This downloadable/printable resource will engage the entire family to participate in Lent in a revolutionary way.

Holy Week Resources for Families
Use these Holy Week resources to prepare for and celebrate the final week of Lent.

Lenten Activities for Children
The activities provided offer ideas for how you can help the children you serve understand and embrace the season of Lent.

Living the Liturgical Year at Home: Lent
The disciplines of Lent offer an annual chance for spiritual housekeeping, a time to reflect on our faith in every aspect of our lives. Lent is also a forty-day journey that, like any journey, benefits from having a well-planned itinerary.

Teach Children about the Triduum
During the Easter Triduum, we celebrate the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Download a printable Triduum activity designed for early childhood and primary aged children.

Lenten Family Calendar 
Print out this calendar from Loyola press and post it in a prominent place in your home to help you honor the season of Lent. With ideas for practicing the traditional pathways of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, your family can take simple steps to a meaningful Lent.

Lent at Home 
Given the many challenges facing today’s families, now is the perfect time and home is the perfect place to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush and rest, where we hope and worry, where we love and forgive.

What’s with the Ashes? 
Many of us have heard this question when we arrive at school, work, or home with the blackened cross on our forehead. The observance of Ash Wednesday is the most popular weekday celebration in the Catholic Church’s liturgical year.

Helping Families Celebrate Lent  
Sharing the meaning of Lent with children and families, adorning our learning and living spaces with signs of the season, and taking part in the Lenten practices of prayer, penance, and almsgiving helps us understand the important preparation of this liturgical season.

Lenten Pinterest Board  
LOTS of resources to make Lent more spiritual and keep it holy! Don't miss OSV's Journey through Lent with the Saints during this Year of Mercy.

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