FEMA Offers Large Shipment of Hand Sanitizers to Schools

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is offering truckloads of hand sanitizers for schools. Please reach out directly to Cheryl Brekke, [email protected], if your school is interested.

These hand sanitizers are in blister-packs, approximately 1 oz. size, great for distribution to individuals.

  • 24 packages of 6-pack hand sanitizer per case.
  • 30-36 cases per pallet (36 on double stacked pallets)
  • 26 pallets per truckload at 2,300 cases

Donor is providing the transportation by the semi-truckload to each location.

  • Recipient must have forklift/pallet jack and possibly a loading dock. Recipient must unload.
  • Once request is received by FEMA, they will submit it to donor.
  • Donor or donor’s transportation will contact recipient within 7 to 21 days to coordinate delivery.

Information needed for request:

  • Organization Name:
  • Delivery address:
  • Point of contact and back up if possible:
    • name
    • cell phone
    • email
  • Days and hours available to receive:
  • Any special instructions:

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