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Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, NCEA's Leadership Development team provides spiritual and professional development opportunities, networks of support, and resources to leaders of Catholic schools in arch/diocesan offices of Catholic school education, Catholic school systems, parishes, and the administrators who serve in Catholic schools.    

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    Catholic education leaders are facing tough decisions about the future of their schools. Whether you are grappling with the strategic planning process, need to evaluate current programs or develop new initiatives, cultivate effective school boards, improve school culture, increase advancement efforts, institute staff evaluation and growth processes, access technology priorities or learn to use analytics to support student outcomes and increase student retention, we can help.

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Featured Resource

Serving English Learners: A Diocesan Handbook for K-12

In our encounters of services with those students, so richly blessed with the gifts of bilingualism and cultural diversity, our Catholic Schools have the opportunity to embrace, educate, and empower students, families and communities. Helping our English Learners succeed is our vocation as educators in Catholic schools, and the success of these students is both our distinguished legacy and our bright future

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NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education. All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources. For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Jon Login, Digital Project Coordinator, at jlogin@ncea.org.

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Additional Resources

Three Reasons Savvy Leaders Prioritize Formative Instructional Practices

Some call these classroom practices formative assessment; some prefer the more specific formative instructional practices; and others just refer to this as good teaching.

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Keeping Catholic Schools Affordable

Making Catholic education accessible to everyone has been a mission of the church in the U.S. for centuries, but keeping it affordable in modern times has required innovative methods.

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STEM Challenge Introduces Young Learners to Design Thinking

Catholic Memorial, located in Waukesha, WI, introduced the “STEM Challenge” in 2015 as a way to recruit students. Since then, it has grown into a highly anticipated community event that draws nearly 300 students and has captured the attention of local media.

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