Professional Development

The NCEA Professional Development team continually works to increase access to opportunities for the spiritual and professional growth of our members by ongoing collaboration, curation of resources and digital and on-site training.

  • 2019 NCEA Early Childhood Education Seminar

    The 2019 Visions for Excellence Early Childhood Education Seminar will provide top-level education to early childhood teachers, elementary school leaders, early childhood center leaders and diocesan leaders on how high quality early learning programs can positively impact the young child's faith formation and academic success from the very beginning of their Catholic school journey.

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  • NCEA STREAM 3.0 Call for Proposals Now Open!

    The 2019 NCEA New Directions STREAM 3.0 Conference will provide a top-level education to teachers, school leaders, and diocesan leaders.

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  • New Webinar Season Underway

    NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education. All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources.

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Religious Education Assessments

We are excited to announce that as of June 30, 2018, NCEA’s ACRE/IFG is being hosted on a new and improved platform built by My Catholic Faith Technologies. You may order assessment materials from My Catholic Faith Technologies for the next school year (2018-2019) by clicking on "More Information" below.

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Upcoming Events

NCEA 2019

The National Catholic Education Association Convention and Expo (NCEA 2019) taking place April 23 -25 at McCormick Place-West in Chicago, is the largest private education association gathering in the world, held in fellowship with the Archdiocese of Chicago. NCEA invites you to join us for this one-of-a-kind event that brings together Catholic and other religious educators from across the United States, Canada and other countries to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and technologies related to education.

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The 2019 NCEA New Directions STREAM 3.0 Conference will provide a top-level education to teachers, school leaders, and diocesan leaders. Since STREAM’s (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) inception in 2014, research has shown that robust STEM programs are a priority for today’s prospective Catholic school parent. Attendees will learn how to effectively facilitate the design and delivery of a comprehensive STREAM program which not only emphasizes a robust STEM program but ensures the intentional integration of the faith and the arts. Ongoing advances in understanding the impact of neuroscience on student learning will be explored. Updated STREAM education indicators will be presented. The conference is designed to be collaborative and provide for sharing information and best practices. The meeting consists of professional development sessions, inspirational keynotes, and networking opportunities.

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NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education. All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources. For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Andrea Chavez-Kopp, Assistant Director for Educational and Formation Programs at

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Additional Resources

Assessment White Paper: Comprehensive Assessment Programs

Now more than ever, Catholic school thought leaders recognize the need to address the challenges facing Catholic schools. One of the biggest challenges is declining enrollment. In the United States Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2017-2018: The Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment and Staffing, McDonald and Schultz reported that “Overall, the national enrollment decline since 2008 has been greater than 435,000, a 19.2% loss of the student population” and the decrease in number of schools is 1,026 or 14%.”

Parents ESA Flyer (En Español)

Essential flyer for parents to help them understand Education Savings Accounts (ESA) that have the potential to transform our educational landscape. Parents know their children’s strengths and needs better than anyone, and ESAs put parents in the driver’s seat when it comes to choice in education.

Federal Program Series Booklet: Compilation of the Federal Program Series Flyer

The flyers reproduced in this publication were originally prepared as electronic newsletters posted monthly on the NCEA website. They are intended to provide information about each program and to be used as a resource for private school officials who engage in consultation with local public officials to obtain the benefits available for private school students, teachers and other educational personnel. A U.S. Department of Education guidance document provides a comprehensive overview of the changes that ESSA incorporated.

After the Deadly Shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue: Resources for Educators 

On October 27, 2018, a gunman armed with an assault rifle and several handguns, entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA and opened fire. Described as the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the U.S., at least 11 congregants were killed and four police officers and two others were wounded. It is believed to be the deadliest attack on the U.S. Jewish Community in history.  After this type of tragedy, young people have questions about what happened and what they can do. Below are curriculum and other education resources to support the discussion of this incident in your classroom and home.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship – Election Day Resources

The Catholic bishops of the United States are pleased to offer once again to the Catholic faithful Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (en Español), our teaching document on the political responsibility of Catholics. This statement represents our guidance for Catholics in the exercise of their rights and duties as participants in our democracy. We urge our pastors, lay and religious faithful, and all people of good will to use this statement to help form their consciences; to teach those entrusted to their care; to contribute to civil and respectful public dialogue; and to shape political choices in the coming election in light of Catholic teaching. The statement lifts up our dual heritage as both faithful Catholics and American citizens with rights and duties as participants in the civil order.

USCCB’s Creating on the Margins Youth Art Contest (En Español)

The Catholic Church has been blessed with the courageous witness of many clerics, religious women and men and laypersons, who responded by prophetically calling out evil of racism and the violent disregard for fellow human beings. Their lives remind everyone that we all are united in God’s love and the life of Christ. Learn the stories of a few of these prophetic witnesses confronting the evil of racism in the past and reflect how the Church continues to address it today by participating in the Creating on the Margins Youth Art Contest.

Each year, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offers a Creating on the Margins contest to help schools and parishes engage youth in learning about the root causes of poverty and the Church's response. The theme of this year’s contest, “A Time to Heal Racism,” invites Catholic youth in grades 7-12 to engage with the theme of racism in an age-appropriate way.  Youth will then work to educate others through creative work of any medium (e.g. video, song, painting, drama, poetry, etc.).

The grand prize winner receives $500 plus a matching grant for a CCHD funded anti-poverty organization and a trip to a national conference. To participate, contact your diocesan representative to submit entries by the local deadline (typically in early March).

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