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Bolstering Your Professional & Academic Development - Thursday, January 21st 12:00 PM EST
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  • Resources and personalized support through graduation
  • Global overview for more than 150 online academic program offerings
  • How to receive a complimentary Pre-evaluation for any previous college credits

Why and How Literacy Must Be Reframed - Monday, November 16th 1:00 PM EST
Helping students achieve reading proficiency improves overall learning outcomes. Yet too often, reading performance flatlines after grade 4 for students in both public and Catholic schools. Join this webinar to learn how Catholic educators can reverse this trend. Dr. Gene Kerns will share research-based insights from his new book Literacy Reframed, including:

  • Game-changing methods to guide growth for every reader—across all grades and at all levels
  • Proven alternatives to classroom skill work, such as building both proficiency and subject-area knowledge by incorporating reading across the curriculum
  • Strategies for using digital reading as a powerful lever for growth in any learning environment
  • How reigniting the traditional knowledge-rich curriculum in Catholic education supports literacy development

What Happens When 20% of Your Student Population Chooses Online Education for 2020-2021? - On Demand
Online education experts and practitioners will guide you through models of online education and blended learning, providing practical examples and "how-to" information. Focus will be on retaining your own school identity online, creating financial stability, and lessons learned over the last two decades. Panelists will answer your questions live.

NCEA Town Hall with Kathy Mears - On Demand
On Wednesday, August 5 at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT, we are holding a Virtual Town Hall to give voice to the 130,000+ Catholic educators who have responded to the recent challenges with grace, resilience, determination and heart. We ask that you join us for this dialogue and discussion as we chart a path forward in a time of great need.

State and Local Level Advocacy for Catholic Schools - On Demand
Now more than ever, Catholic schools are a vital and powerful educational option for kids and families. This webinar will discuss how to foster efforts at the state and local level advocacy for communities to support Catholic schools. Michael Acquilano, the Director of the South Carolina Catholic Conference and Secretary of Communications and Public Affairs for the Diocese of Charleston, will set context on successful outreach on behalf of Catholic schools to state and local governments and provide practical recommendations for action.

Better Together: Collaborating to Support Student Learning - On Demand
Whether your year will start in person, online, or with some mix of the two, providing opportunities for teachers to learn, share, problem solve, and collaborate is key. Jill Annable, Assistant Superintendent for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, will share best practices from the rich collaboration and sharing from the 31 schools in her diocese that led to vibrant student and adult learning during the pandemic, as well as tips and tricks for how to best move forward to support the needs of all student and adult learners!

Choosing the Best Coaching Model for your Teachers and Leaders - On Demand
Is coaching the best way to advance teaching and learning in our schools? In this free NCEA webinar, Dr. Susan Abelein offers a data-driven approach to this question and provides insights from 60 research studies on coaching programs. Drawing from research on the effectiveness of teacher coaching, Dr. Abelein delivers insights on program components, including video-based distance coaching, that allow school leaders to choose the framework that meets the needs of their community.

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These resources will provide Catholic educators with insight and best practices during this Advent season.


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