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NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.  All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources.   For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Andrea Kopp, Assistant Director of Professional Development at

Upcoming Webinars

Smarter Assessment: How to Assess for Careers that Don't Exist Yet

September 27, 2017
4pm or 7pm EDT

We hear it over and over again — we are preparing students for jobs that don't even exist yet, therefore we have to change the way we teach. If we change the way we think about teaching, shouldn't we change the way we think about assessment? Should we be asking the same questions we always have? Why can't students use Google- or even Twitter or Wikipedia- to find answers? This webinar will focus how and why we create assessments in 2017. We will examine the end goal of assessment and the nuances of academic integrity as assessment increasingly moves online. 

Presented by: Tom Mach, Teacher and Technology Coach, Archbishop Spalding High School


Strong Catholic Families Series (Part 1 of 3) - Formation to Transformation: The Mass Exodus

September 28, 2017
2pm EDT

Thirteen. It’s not just reputed to be an unlucky number. According to CARA, it’s also the median age that Catholic youth “disaffiliate” with their faith and join the rising tide of “nones” in the country. It is also often the age at which many young people are Confirmed. What’s the connection and what critical role does the family play in this entire dynamic? More importantly, what can leaders and parents do to transform thirteen into a memorable year for the entire family?

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Strong Catholic Families: A New Way of (Sacramental Living) 
October 3, 2017
Register : 2pm EST 

The exodus of young people from our Church signals the urgency of taking a long, hard look at what we're doing (or not doing!) in forming their faith, especially their experiences of the sacraments.  If Baptism, Penance, Eucharist, Confirmation and Matrimony aren't launching our people into lifetimes of sacramental Catholic living, then why not?...and what will?  This session explores how our conventional practices of sacramental prep all too often inoculate people from faith rather than infecting them with it for life!

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Marketing Your School During Catholic Schools Week and Year Round

October 5, 2017
Register: 1pm EST 
Register: 4pm EST  

Did you know that NCEA provides schools with free infographics, snapshots, articles, tools and templates for your marketing plans?  Learn how to use these resources during Catholic Schools Week and year-round.  Through strategic events, communication tools, and marketing materials, schools can promote the value of Catholic education in a myriad of ways.  Learn how to find these resources online, in the marketing handbook and on social media and elsewhere.

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Using Video Across the Curriculum

October 10, 2017
Register: 4pm EST

From morning announcements to cross-curricular projects, students love using video in the classroom. 
Using video in a 1:1 school or a ONE iPad classroom, enables students to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Students become content creators who document school events, share ideas, publish their work, and connect with other classrooms. Student video creation is Project Based learning at its best. 
Tips, tricks, lesson ideas, apps, and equipment suggestions will be shared.

How to Save a Bullied Child or a Bully in Crisis Using Core Catholic Values as the Catalyst

October 11, 2017
Register 4pm EST 
Register 7pm EST 

This is a comprehensive webinar on bullying intervention from the rare perspective of a survivor who travels the nations' schools working with students in crisis, educators and parents.  It includes what you should and shouldn't say to a bullied child and why, how to help a bullied student one-on-one or in a group setting, why traditional punishment isn't always the answer, why bullying is a cry for help and how to answer that cry, and other info that can save lives. This is tactical, strategic and gives educators concrete, practical advice that they can put into action immediately.    

Presented by Jodee Blanco

Twitter 101 for Educators

October 12, 2017
Register 4pm EST 
Register 7pm EST 

Twitter provides an opportunity to take your teaching and classroom to a new level. This webinar introduces participants to the use of Twitter for personalized professional development, classroom sharing, and curriculum enhancements. The session is geared toward teachers looking to remove classroom walls and connect with educators and professionals globally. Participants will walk away with resources including which #hashtags to follow, how and who to follow, and have an opportunity to "chat" with other educators.

Presented by: Michelle Mueller

Many Gifts One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools

October 16, 2017
Register 1pm EST 
Register 4pm EST 

Countless people in our country have been blessed by the many gifts of Catholic schools.  It is with this recognition in mind that NCEA and FACTS Management presents Many, Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools.  Scheduled for January 30-31, 2018, 9am EST, this is a time for individuals to give to their local Catholic school.  Learn how to best prepare for the day of giving, including leveraging relationships with donors, creating your giving pages an creating an individual marketing plan.

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Strong Catholic Families: New Paradigms in Play

October 17, 2017
Register 2pm EST  

Sacramental ministry calls for faith leaders to be committed to a formation and transformation that leads to living out the sacraments within the family and the faith community. This session will reveal successes and new methods and possibilities for embracing the fullness of sacramental living through vibrant sacramental ministry.

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What STEM is and What it Isn’t

October 18, 2017

Register 4pm EST 
Register 7pm EST 

STEM provides a wonderful opportunity to organize and integrate a significant part of the curriculum. The multi-year and cross-disciplinary nature of STEM makes it ideal for spiraling the curriculum from grade to grade, increasing depth and understanding along the way. A primarily hands-on STEM initiative develops both somatic and cognitive skills. 

On the other hand, without thoroughly understanding what STEM is, there is a significant danger of “softening” the science and math component of the curriculum and producing a hodgepodge of experiences lacking clear intellectual grounding and cognitive direction. 

What STEM Is: We will discuss the advantages of approaching STEM education in a systematic, school-wide, spiraling whole-curriculum manner. 

What STEM Isn’t: You will be prepared to recognize the pitfalls of failed STEM strategies. 

Presented by: Dr. Keith Verner

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Soul of Youth Sports: The Coachable Athlete

October 19, 2017
Register 4pm EST 

A coach is often one of the most influential figures in the life of a young person. Life lessons taught through the lens of sports are those that form young people and stick with them forever.  It is a great blessing and responsibility to work with coachable athletes; those who may not step onto the field or court with all the natural ability, but will work to improve as a whole person – spiritually, physically and mentally.  This session will give coaches, athletic directors or club leaders, tangible strategies to form faithful young men and women to be leaders on and off the playing field.

Presented by: Christopher Cosentino

Inclusion in the Music Classroom

October 24, 2017
Register 4pm EST 

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Catholic Identity in the 21st Century Classroom

October 26, 2017
Register 7pm EST 

How do you effectively integrate Catholic Identity within a 21st century classroom? This session will showcase how to integrate Catholic Identity, or other faith based values, through the lens of the SAMR model. Participants will walk away with ideas not only how to modify or redefine experiences, but ensure that Catholic Identity is interwoven through the content areas. Suitable for the K-12 educator, see effective and engaging student work samples that clearly demonstrate strong pedagogy, technology and content.
Technology and Catholic Identity

Presented by: Erin Giblin

Dia de los Muertos: Infusing Catholic and Cultural Traditions Into Your Classroom

October 30, 2017
Register 4pm EST 

The Day of the Dead is an opportunity to bring Latin American cultural traditions into your classroom in relation to All Soul's Day and All Saint's Day.  This Halloween, take the focus off of candy and costumes and use this teachable moment as way to engage students in the rich faith traditions and practices surrounding the Day of the Dead.  Activity ideas and applications for all grade levels will be shared as well as an overview of the holiday and how it relates to the liturgical year here and around the world.

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