Vision for Catholic Microschools: Book Study


The term Catholic microschool refers to a sustainable Catholic school that is rooted in the tenets of Catholic faith and that has employed excellence in faith formation, academic programs and operational vitality while maintaining a student population that is smaller than its neighboring schools. Overall, 25% of the Catholic schools in the United States serve a population with less than 150 students. As we together study the book Greatness in Smallness: A Vision for Catholic Microschools, we will examine effective practices that Catholic microschools use, as aligned to the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS).

We invite all of those Catholic school educators with the will and need to join the conversation and the work. Catholic microschools are among us with successes to share, and we welcome the ongoing conversations that this text may spark. We are here together to answer the call to action.

Registration Includes: copy of the book, access to the five recorded sessions from this summer's book study and monthly consultation in the 2021-2022 school year for $99

Summer Session Recordings:
The summer book study engaged in the first six chapters of the book, which focus on why, what, and how to implement the components of Catholic microschools.
May 18: Chapters 1&2 The Why and What of Catholic Microschools
June 1: Chapter 3 Mission and Catholic Identity
June 15: Chapter 4 Governance and Leadership
June 29: Chapter 5 Academic Excellence
July 13: Chapter 6 Operational Vitality

School-Year PLN Schedule: (Each session is 12 – 1 PM ET)
The school-year professional learning community continues, with session that focus on action. Chapter 7, Call to Action, is our focus as we continue our discussion of effective Catholic microschools.
September 9, November 11, January 13, March 10, May 12


  • Discuss innovations in school sizes and national enrollment trends
  • Assess school effectiveness using the NSBECS
  • Determine existing and potential steps toward school effectiveness and sustainability
  • Implement and maintain practices to support innovation and sustainability of school throughout 2021-2022