Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Awards

Recognize Outstanding Catholic School Educators

NCEA has a longstanding tradition of honoring and recognizing excellence and distinguished service in Catholic school education. We are happy to announce the fourth annual Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Awards that recognize outstanding efforts, contributions, and achievements on behalf of Catholic school education.

NCEA Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Awards Dinner

NCEA will recognize the awardees of the 2019 Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Awards at a dinner on Tuesday, April 23 during the Convention & Expo in Chicago. Tickets may be purchased during registration or added to your existing registration through the Registration Resource Center.

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Individuals, including superintendents, assistant or associate superintendents, presidents, principals, teachers, pastors, and/or Catholic institutions, organizations and boards that are active, or affiliated with, members of NCEA, can be nominated. Additionally, all nominees must have worked in their current roles for at least five years (were hired in their current roles prior to August 10, 2014).






  • Exercises responsible decision-making
  • Realizes and implements the school’s mission and vision
  • Works collaboratively toward continuous school improvement
  • Actively models service to others within the community
  • Demonstrates faithful stewardship of resources
  • Engages in responsible financial planning in collaboration with others
  • Utilizes outside resources as appropriate to their position to promote operational vitality
  • Contributes to long-term planning for continuous improvement to realize the mission of Catholic education
  • Supports rigorous academic program that integrates the faith across subject areas
  • Collaborates to achieve continuous improvement of instructional practice
  • Creatively engages and motivates others to meet the needs of all students
  • Demonstrates commitment to personal improvement through professional development and ongoing faith formation
  • Guides students in 21st-century skills, including technology integration
  • Supports the development of student and family life
  • Embraces Catholic Identity
  • Demonstrates Gospel values
  • Adheres to school mission
  • Contributes to student and/or adult faith formation
  • Participates in liturgical and communal prayer and service
  • Promotes the school mission and vision thorough meaningful communication, marketing and development

Winners of the Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Awards 2019

LLP Award Winners 2019