Catholic Purchasing Services Recognizes Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Purchasing Services (CPS) has placed its recognition of Catholic Schools Week on its web site. Given the very difficult time all schools have faced this year due to COVID-19, they decided to recognize four Catholic schools that have really worked hard to make the year a productive one despite limitations. These schools represent all Catholic schools and everything those schools have accomplished. As part of this recognition, CPS awarded each of the four schools a $500 grant. In addition to the school recognition, CPS worked with some of its vendors to gather a number of products that are discounted for sale during the week. Starting February 1, CPS's home page at is devoted to Catholic Schools Week, biographies of the four grant recipients and individual links to the vendors and their highlighted products. Additionally, CPS sent a statement to the local press outlets in the four schools' service areas that will hopefully provide some much deserved recognition. CPS thanks Sister Dale McDonald and all of the staff at NCEA who helped put this together.

Catholic Schools Week Promotional Program

St. Louis Catholic School

St. Therese Catholic School

Immaculate Conception School

Holy Name High School