New E-Rate application window for FY 2020 to open January 15, 2020

The Form 471 application window will open at noon EST on Wednesday, January 15, and will close at 11:59 PM EDT on Wednesday, March 25.

Applicants should begin work soon on the Form 470 so that the application will be posted in time to meet all the deadlines. Reminder: Form 470 must be posted online for 28 days before Form 471 can be filed.

Category Two (C2) opportunity: Any applicant that has not received the full allotment during the past 5 years ($150 per student, pre-discount) may still apply for the full amount before the 5 years window is reset for 2021. Category Two (C2) products and services include internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and basic maintenance of internal connections. Additional information about the C2 application may be found here.

USAC, the manager of the E-Rate program will host a webinar on C2 services on Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST. Register to attend this important webinar.

The FY 2020 administrative window, which is currently open, will close shortly before the application window opens. At that point EPC entity profiles will be locked for the duration of the Form 471 application window.

Additional information about the E-Rate program may be found here.