U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Recognizing Catholic Schools

117th Congress House Resolution supports the contributions of Catholic education to the country.

Arlington, VA. - In support of the National Catholic Educational Association’s (NCEA) 47th National Catholic Schools Week, Mr. LaHood (R – IL) (for himself), Mr. Smith (R – NJ), Mr. Latta (R – OH), Mr. Diazbalart (R – FL), Mr. Gallagher (R – WI), Mr. Mooney (R – WVA), Mrs. Walorski (R – IN), Mr. Rodney Davis (R – IL), Mr. Wright (R – TX), Mr. Joyce (R – OH), Mr. Fitzpatrick (R – PA), and Mr. Rutherford (R – FL), introduced House Resolution 66 to officially recognize the contributions of Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the United States. A similar Resolution is being introduced in the Senate.

"NCEA is pleased once again that the House introduced this resolution to recognize the great contribution of Catholic schools to the nation," said Kathy Mears, NCEA Interim President/CEO. "NCEA thanks Mr. LaHood and Mr. Smith for taking the lead to publicly acknowledge the important contributions of Catholic education to 'instill a broad, values-added education emphasizing the lifelong development of moral, intellectual, HB2PROD with BILLS physical, and social values in young people in the United States,'" added Sr. Dale McDonald, NCEA Director of Public Policy and Educational Research.

The House Resolution further states, "That the House of Representatives...whereas Catholic schools serve the nation by providing a diverse student population from all regions of the country and all socioeconomic backgrounds with a strong academic and moral foundation, including 22 percent of students from racial minority backgrounds, 18.1 percent Hispanic heritage, and 24.5 percent from non-Catholic families."

View the House Resolution on the NCEA website.

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