Standard 2 Guidelines

Standard 2: An excellent Catholic school adhering to mission provides a rigorous academic program for religious studies and catechesis in the Catholic faith, set within a total academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture, and life.

Benchmark 2.1 Religious education curriculum and instruction meets the religious education requirements and standards of the (arch)diocese.

Benchmark 2.2 Religion classes are an integral part of the academic program in the assignment of teachers, amount of class time and the selection of texts and other curricular materials.

Benchmark 2.3 Faculty who teach religion meet (arch)diocesan requirements for academic and catechetical preparation and certification to provide effective religion curriculum and instruction.

Benchmark 2.4 The school’s Catholic identity requires excellence in academic and intellectual formation in all subjects including religious education.

Benchmark 2.5 Faculty use the lenses of Scripture and the Catholic intellectual tradition in all subjects to help students think critically and ethically about the world around them.

Benchmark 2.6 Catholic culture and faith are expressed in the school through multiple and diverse forms of visual and performing arts, music and architecture.

Benchmark 2.7 The theory and practice of the Church’s social teachings are essential elements of the curriculum.

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