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NCEA Briefs: Core Reading Instruction

From the Students with Disabilities sub-series of the Exceptional Learners Series (ELS). Guidelines and instructions are presented on how to better engage children in core reading. As the basis of reading and writing, it is essential for children to begin the methods and understanding of English comprehension at a young age. Along with these guidelines there are certain tips teachers can use such as encouraging students to read more though a positive work attitude and reinstating the idea that we read in order to understand a text? How can teachers change the narrative from reading being the school task to enjoying and comprehending a piece of literature? How can teachers better help their students reach their full reading comprehension potential? Teachers will learn how to apply "the think aloud", showing and modeling what the students should do in an activity so they can better understand how, provide an encouraging learning environment in the classroom so students feel safe to ask questions, and how to better engage with students when it comes to comprehending a text.
Michelle Lia, Ed.D.
June 19, 2017

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