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NCEA Briefs: Identification of Gifted Learners:

A Discussion of Myths, Characteristics, Program Planning and Identification Processes The second Brief in the Gifted and Talented sub-series of the Exceptional Learners Series (ELS). When it comes to gifted children in an educational setting it is important to recognize the signs and figure out how to interact with them in the classroom. From understanding that gifted students exist in all socioeconomic backgrounds to addressing that not all gifted learners will respond to a "one size fits all" approach, this brief will aid teachers in understanding how a gifted mind works. How can teachers use inclusivity indead of exclusivity when identifying gifted learners? What steps following test scores should take place when a student scores above average? Although IQ tests and ability scores may help in identifying gifted students, it's important to know how to implement steps into a program that benefits those students. This brief will help understand those steps, starting with implementing a philosophy and mission that works to help gifted students from all social and economic backgrounds achieve their full educational potential.
Janette Boazman, MS, PhD
February 14, 2018

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