FRIDAY: Celebrating Catholic School Donors

Catholic school education is an investment. Families work hard to cover the cost of tuition because they value faith-filled and quality academic formation for their children. Many families rely on financial assistance, scholarship opportunities and development support in order to bridge the gap. Donors are essential to their success.

TIP: Use this as a step in a multi-layered advancement strategy. Follow up with thank-you notes, encourage donors to save the date for Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools, and track their engagement.

Suggestions for Celebrating Catholic School Donors

  • Make donors feel part of your community. People are more inclined to give when others are doing the same, by explaining how their single gift is leveraged by the support of others, people better understand the broader impact of their donation.
  • Educate on the importance of philanthropic support. Many prospective donors do not understand that Catholic schools cannot thrive on tuition dollars alone. Donors need to be educated about the economic reality of the Catholic school as it relates to local and national financial constraints.
  • Clearly and persuasively describe the need. In no more than three sentences, explain why your school is seeking a gift.
  • Thank donors. When accepting gifts, ask donors to provide their name as they would like it published in your giving report. This is a personalized touch that shows you appreciate their contribution.



  • Set up a “thank-you” page on your website and say “thanks” to all those who work at the school and who volunteer.
  • Send a list of faculty, staff and volunteers to the parish bulletin editors with a note of thanks and inviting anyone who would like to be a part of the school family to get contact the school.
  • Create a social media post thanking your school’s faculty, staff and volunteers and use #CSW2024.

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