TUESDAY: Discover Catholic School Parents

Parents are called to be partners in their children’s education. Bring in experts, offer a platform for discussion and provide resources to parents that offer more than simply explaining the ins and outs of your admissions process.

TIP: Invite current parents and prospective parents to a special event geared to their interests. This allows prospective parents a glimpse into the relationship you share with current families and it is also a great retention tool.

Potential Themes for Discover Catholic School Parents

  • “Preparing your preschool child for elementary school (or elementary to middle, middle to high school.”
  • “Screen time: how to thrive and survive.”
  • “Your child is known: excelling in the classroom.”
  • “Understanding today’s homework expectations.”
  • “Students and anxiety.”
Remember, you are providing a story that is focused on the audience, with your school serving as the guide in the discussion. While you are not solely talking about your school and brand, your mission shines through and creates a community of belonging.