WEDNESDAY: Discover Catholic School Educators

Catholic schools are nothing without dedicated educators and administrators. By inviting teachers who have or will teach your students, you can learn what to anticipate, and teachers can learn what expectations will be set.

Ideas for Discover Catholic School Educators

  • Set up an informal networking event in the evening for fellow teachers to build their professional learning networks.
  • Host a professional development event focused on educator faith formation.
  • Collaborate with other Catholic schools in your area and rotate the location each year.



  • Tell your students why you became a Catholic school teacher, share that content with your social media administrator to generate a post and publish on the website.
  • Ask students to write a poem about what they think it’s like to be a teacher and read them in class and post to social media using #CSW2024.
  • Ask students to write letters to local universities and college education departments and have them explain about the quality of education they are receiving at their Catholic school. The students can add if they are interested in attending that school in the future, too!

Have Questions?

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